Learning Chinese, Perapera Popup Dictionary | 2

Icon of Perapera Chinese Popup Dictionary

For the second installment of tips on learning Chinese, I offer another great hack.  This software is called “Perapera.”  This software is a popup dictionary for your online browser.  This is going to make life so much easier for you when using Chinese websites and will dramatically improve your language ability.  How does it work?  Check out the image below:

All you have to do is turn Perapera “on” by right-clicking in your browser window (after installing the add-on on your Chrome or Firefox browser) and click the “Perapera Chinese” button.

This add-on is great in a number of ways: it gives the pinyin, the English, and the traditional characters.  I have yet to find another dictionary as comprehensive and streamlined as this one.

How can you use this?

Now you can travel China with ease by gaining access to Chinese websites, and you can travel cheaper.  Most English websites about China travel are geared towards “rich” foreigners where, often times, prices will be jacked up to 200% or more.  Also, you can use this tool to practice your Chinese.  Finally, it’s almost impossible for foreigners to the Chinese language to recognize characters for names of places, people, etc. because those characters are very uncommon, so to help in learning those characters, I prefer Perapera.

Finally, this add-on is recommended to people at the intermediate to advanced level.  Chinese learners at the beginner level may not have the capacity to recognize enough characters to best utilize this popup dictionary.  The software should be used as an aid to understanding the sentences and content, so when the user must look up every word, it simply isn’t as effective.

Have you heard of this add-on before?  How have you been learning Chinese?


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