China Hacks, Going to the Movies & Gewara (格瓦拉@电影 géwǎlā@diànyǐng ) | 1


Some movie theaters in China charge as much as 100RMB or more when you buy the ticket at location, but did you know you are being overcharged?  Sure, the price is fair in USD ($10-15 in the expected price back home, so what is the big deal, right?)  Quite honestly, you have been ripped off this entire time, because all the other Chinese people are using a Chinese secret called Gewara.

What is Gewara?

The Chinese name of Che Guevara is 格瓦拉 (the name of this app).  You can see the similarities in the two images above.  Download this app, and register your phone so that you can purchase tickets and select your seat days in advance of your movie outing.  In addition, ticket prices can be as low as about 25RMB, even for newly released blockbusters.

How it Works & Ticket Machines

Another great benefit for many who don’t speak Chinese living in China, you can skip talking with the people at the counter with this app.  Every movie theater I have been to, I have always seen Gewara’s automated machines located in the main lobby of the movie theater.  Once you purchase your tickets using the app, you will receive a text message with a confirmation number.  At the theater, you will find a machine that looks like this:


Saving Money

It’s very simple to use, and, by using this app, you will save so much money.

Check it out, tell me what you think of this.  Ask your friends about this app, too.


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