New China IQ series – China: For Foreigners – 老外中国系列 & Traditional Chinese Medical Science- 中医

As China IQ expands its content, I try my best to focus on providing knowledge for those planning to live in China.  This means information on useful cellphone applications, dealing with frustrating situations (train stations, general misunderstandings, campus life, etc.), and tips on learning Mandarin Chinese (including articles that provide useful vocabulary).  Next week is Chinese New Years, and as the author, I have been considering if I have kept true to what I originally wanted to achieve.  Although readers and I have had dialogue about controversial issues concerning the South China Sea, over-population, pollution, and other issues, there hasn’t been enough discussion to help the average, everyday lǎo wài in China!


A new category, For Foreigners – 老外中国系列, has been added to reflect this change.  This means that all advice, tips, and knowledge meant to help foreigners in China can be found at this category.  Living or even traveling through China can be frustrating or confusing at times.  What you don’t know is that Chinese people themselves also think this way about their country every now and then; however, there are tools that can help foreigners’ experience to go smoother while in the country.  These tools can be anything from websites, apps, agencies, or actual language capabilities, among others, all shared with readers of this blog.

In addition, as a request,  I will also be exploring the mysterious depths of traditional Chinese herbology, Chinese medicine, and the science behind them.  This section is labeled Chinese Medicine – 中医.  Within this category will be the history and development of medical care as well as the practices and thought that go into it.  From time to time, I also plan to include posts that open up debate about its effectiveness, how it compares to Western medical practices, and its popularity in contemporary times.

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For Chinese New Year, I want to thank all those that have read the blog.  I also want to thank those that I have shared dialogue with.  It has been a wonderful year of the Goat, let’s welcome the year of the Monkey together!  Babies born this year–of the “fire” monkey–will be ambitious and adventurous!  P.S. Tom Hanks is also of the monkey zodiac.


One thought on “New China IQ series – China: For Foreigners – 老外中国系列 & Traditional Chinese Medical Science- 中医

  1. Your blog is very interesting! I am always interested in learning about other cultures. Chinese is such a neat language, but difficult to learn as a second language, at least for me!
    I will be checking the medicine page, as I feel herbology is the way to go over western medicine.
    I was born during a monkey year 🐒


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