Chinese Anchor Baby Network Exposed -菲姐美国月子中心

68281935gw1e04on3sgqnjAnchor babying or baby tourism is such a shameless concept in China that networks running these operations are blatantly advertising their services on social media apps and all across the Chinternet (中国特色互联网 “Internet with Special Chinese Characteristics” – a play on 中国特色社会主义 “Socialism with Special Chinese Characteristics”).  In this article, we will take a look at one organization called “Sister Fei’s American Childbirth Center” (菲姐美国月子中心 fēijiě měiguó yuèzi zhōngxīn) or also called “US Baby.”  With customers paying as much as $10,000 to $50,000 or more for the service, the organization could be making millions of dollars a year for the illegal immigration practices.

A quick Google search of “菲姐美国月子中心” will render dozens of results–I encourage anyone that can read Chinese to do so to educate themselves–revealing the extensiveness of the baby tourism community.   Users of the Chinese chat service app WeChat (微信 wēixìn) can also subscribe to the 菲姐美国月子中心 .  Their WeChat ID is usforbaby168, where their intro says that they are “the professionals on going to America to give birth to children” and that they “provide the latest information on baby tourism to America.”  They also have a Weibo (微博 wēibó) or Twitter-like service account at:


It is possible that Sister Fei is the lady in the posted profile picture here.

The network owns apartment complexes in various places of California that house pregnant Chinese women for short-term on tourist visas.  As suggested in this recent post from 2016-03-24 13:43, San Francisco is one of those cities:







Here is a picture of a hospital in Monterey Park, California near Las Angeles that is apparently frequented by those connected to this 001Ug9Kdgy70hHVMzBu90&690network, posted on 2016-03-21 13:07:

The hospital’s main sign is in English and Chinese and has many Chinese doctors, as can be seen in the hospital website’s “Find a Doctor” section.  Assuming anything “makes an ass out of you and me,” but it appears as though doctors at these hospitals might be “benefiting” from this industry that brings in millions of dollars a year.

The term “baby tourism to America” in Chinese has become a hugely popular topic in China.  Click the following hashtag to see just how active the phrase is: #赴美生子.  There are 60,056,000 readings of the hashtag and 2,161,000 discussions of this topic, making it among the most popular on the Chinese Twitter called Weibo.  

68281935gc8cc13b9baa0&690This practice is illegal and is being watched carefully by the FBI.  Although, the US economy does benefit somewhat from rich tourists entering the country, the network is so blatantly obvious, it makes America look bad because the authorities can’t detect these organizations (language issues?).  Some may feel as though the practice is on the rather harmless side, but it also waters down the system since anybody could become a citizen this way–once the children have their American passport, the parents and family members will have a much easier way to become citizens, and the children will have a better chance to go to school in America, and for far cheaper.  What do you think about this practice?


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