Blog Purpose, “China Experts” and 牛逼


Blog Purpose

First and foremost, the content within this blog is going to be exclusive.  Why is it going to be exclusive? I’m pretty much 牛逼 (niúbī , fucking awesome) when it comes to the Mandarin Chinese language.  I have studied Chinese for nearly a decade and have spent a considerable amount of time in the country exploring, attending school, and adventuring about.  I have been employed to teach Chinese, passed level five–out of six total levels–of the official Chinese Proficiency Test, and I am very passionate about China studies.

That being said, when I sat down to think about the purpose of this blog, I pretty much came up with three important goals: to fight back against erroneous “China Experts'” claims on China, to help others adjust to living in China, and to provide assistance to others that want to learn Mandarin Chinese.  Concerning the many “experts,” oftentimes they have only written negatively about the country, yet they have no real experience with China.  By this I mean they cannot speak Chinese, never been to China, don’t have any Chinese acquaintances, or a combination of the three.  How they acquired the title of China expert is beyond me.

As for the Reliable Information

In writing this blog, I offer an account on Chinese lifestyle that is accurate, giving readers confidence that someone with personal experience is writing about China.  I will cover all topics from the education system to sanitary issues, from popular apps to delicious food.  Hear is the plan: I will include as many Chinese vocabulary words, sources, multimedia, personal thoughts, etc. in each post.  I will also have various recurring topics that I will post, such as “China Hacks” that will provide tips on living in China and “Learning Chinese”  where I will give tips on streamlining reader’s language studies.


In the first paragraph, I used the word “牛逼”.  Let’s break this down:

niú cow

bī vagina; to force (sb to do sth); to compel

This word, translated directly into English, means “cows vagina”; however, it’s meaning is colloquial for “fucking awesome.”  It’s used to express extreme admiration.  It is also seen written as 牛B, NB, NB, and 牛X.

For images associated with the word “牛逼” on the most common Chinese search engine, click the link below:

5 thoughts on “Blog Purpose, “China Experts” and 牛逼

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