Top Ten Chinese Food to Try | 1


重庆火锅 – Chongqing Hotpot

Poo poo platter, General Tso’s chicken, and Mongolian beef are some of our favorite Chinese dishes.  While this fare has its own unique culinary intrigue, they are all distinctly different from the Chinese food of the Middle Kingdom.  For some, this article may be a perspective changer, and for others, it could bring about nostalgia.  For all, it will cause mouth watering!

Additionally, learn how simple it is to order these dishes at a Chinese restaurant with the help of our short guide at the end!

10. Garlic Spicy Cucumber


Meant to be eaten on a hot summer day, 酸辣黄瓜 (suān là huángguā) is a mainstay for most Chinese dining tables.  Depending of the region and personal tastes, garlic spicy cucumber comes in a wide range.

For instance, the garlic-loving people of Xi’an prefer larger raw pieces while Southern Chinese versions will have a lighter taste. A bite of China wouldn’t be complete without a try of this versatile dish!

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History of China’s Territorial Disputes


While China’s territorial disputes in the South China Sea take all the media coverage of China these days, China’s territorial disputes have been a hot topic of discussion since the 1950s.  Every decade, China has shifted its attention to a different country to argue claims.  Beijing opted for easy prizes with smaller countries first and then moved onto larger, more controversial zones as China became stronger.  

By 2016, China had disputed territorial claims with every single neighboring country…

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Do’s and Dont’s to Make Your China Trip Better | 1


Taking a trip to China is thrilling as it is nerve-wrecking at times.  A lot of anxiety comes from the confusion of how to prepare.  It’s a common experience for anybody that has never been to China before (and even for some that have already gone!).  The most common problems or questions that people have will be addressed in this Do’s and Don’ts guide to having a better trip to China.

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The Emperor’s Friend


Likely the only painting of Matteo Ricci while in China.

The following is an account of the first foreigner to create a meaningful and harmonious relationship with the Chinese people.  Matteo Ricci’s aim was to reach out to the entire nation, and his influence had even reached the Wanli Emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1572 – 1620) whom he had befriended.  His story should be studied by any individual interested in doing business in China.  In fact, his method for creating a healthy relationship with his counterpart is relevant for working with any foreign nation.  Many businesses have had success implementing the Cultural Accommodation policy of Alessandro Valignano and Matteo Ricci, such as Starbucks and KFC.  The idea is to warmly reach out to the counterpart rather than being forceful.  Westerners today trying to do business in China may naturally be inclined to use coercive methods to be persuasive; however, Chinese people tend to take things slower and are more delicate in their ways of communicating.  Let’s read to understand how Matteo Ricci overcame this cultural difference. Continue reading

Chinese Anchor Baby Network Exposed -菲姐美国月子中心

68281935gw1e04on3sgqnjAnchor babying or baby tourism is such a shameless concept in China that networks running these operations are blatantly advertising their services on social media apps and all across the Chinternet (中国特色互联网 “Internet with Special Chinese Characteristics” – a play on 中国特色社会主义 “Socialism with Special Chinese Characteristics”).  In this article, we will take a look at one organization called “Sister Fei’s American Childbirth Center” (菲姐美国月子中心 fēijiě měiguó yuèzi zhōngxīn) or also called “US Baby.”  With customers paying as much as $10,000 to $50,000 or more for the service, the organization could be making millions of dollars a year for the illegal immigration practices. Continue reading

Watch:《活着》- “To Live”


Gong Li

It’s a film that the Chinese Communist Party sees as an existential threat and is recognized internationally as one of the best Chinese films ever, To Live (活着 Huózhe) exposes life under the rule of Chairman Mao and the various Party policies that have caused hardship to the average citizen.  The film’s awards includes the Grand Prix from the Cannes Film Festival (1994) and Best Film Not in the English Language from the BAFTA Awards (1995), it is a piece of art that viewers are surely to admire. Continue reading

Warning about Chinese Hotels – 否接待外宾的酒店


Homeless tunnel docile

Foreign travelers fluent in Chinese and those that are not both find that getting accommodations in China is among the most difficult of tasks in this country.  Each city has hundreds of hotels, hostels, and inns, some of which are extremely cheap and most convenient; however, as a foreigner, you are only allowed to stay in a select/limited number of them (and these can be the more expensive, less convenient choices).  Hotels in China are required to meet certain criteria before they receive accreditation from the authorities to welcome foreign guests (外宾 wài bīn).  Not only is the law bad for business, it is discriminatory and arbitrary in nature!  Continue reading