Top Ten Chinese Food to Try | 3


8. Beijing Sesame Seed Cake

China Food

Who says Chinese don’t eat bread?  These little cakes may look like something ordinary.  However, they are actually very special.  Cross between an American biscuit and a British Scone, the 烧饼 (shāo bing) is easy to find on the streets of Beijing.  

Unlike sesame buns, these dense cakes have a strong sesame taste, infused with unique Chinese seasonings.  These tasty cakes are well deserved on this top ten list of Chinese food!

7. Dandan Noodles

Chinese Food

Finally, we reach our first noodle dish!  Not only did the Chinese invent noodles, they have perfected them through the preparation of hundreds of different noodle dishes!  担担面 (dàndàn miàn) consists of thin wheat noodles, spicy red oil soup base, ground pork, green onions, dehydrated soybeans (for crunch-factor), bok choy, and vinegar.

As true for many of these dishes, dandan noodles may be prepared in a number of ways; however, the traditional Sichuan recipe must have spicy peppers and ground pork!

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