China’s Top Ten Influential Business Leaders


People throughout the world has heard of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk.  These innovative business leaders of America have inspired millions and (even in death) continue to influence the industry.  However, there is an emerging group of Chinese business leaders that you must know about (Learn about China’s greatest inventions).  You simply must become familiar with them because they are disrupting the world trade order, and it is a swift movement.

Perhaps to your surprise, you have heard of or even own some of these entrepreneurs products, for example: Lenovo.  Other companies on this list, you will likely hear of within the next few years.  Another set strictly heard of in the Chinese world and may never become popular abroad.  Most importantly, whether you are familiar or not, they are all tremendously important and influential! (Learn how to do business with China)

For your convenience, I have put together a list of these leaders and their company.  They are rated by their entrepreneurship, influence, and effectiveness.  Here it is, the best list of Top Ten Influential Chinese Business Leaders:

To read the rest, go to China IQ’s new location: My China IQ

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