Top Ten Chinese Food to Try | 1


重庆火锅 – Chongqing Hotpot

Poo poo platter, General Tso’s chicken, and Mongolian beef are some of our favorite Chinese dishes.  While this fare has its own unique culinary intrigue, they are all distinctly different from the Chinese food of the Middle Kingdom.  For some, this article may be a perspective changer, and for others, it could bring about nostalgia.  For all, it will cause mouth watering!

Additionally, learn how simple it is to order these dishes at a Chinese restaurant with the help of our short guide at the end!

10. Garlic Spicy Cucumber


Meant to be eaten on a hot summer day, 酸辣黄瓜 (suān là huángguā) is a mainstay for most Chinese dining tables.  Depending of the region and personal tastes, garlic spicy cucumber comes in a wide range.

For instance, the garlic-loving people of Xi’an prefer larger raw pieces while Southern Chinese versions will have a lighter taste. A bite of China wouldn’t be complete without a try of this versatile dish!

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