Ten Best Chinese Ingredients: Traditional Chinese Cuisine


Spice Mouse!

You want to become a pro at cooking authentic Chinese food?  It’s actually very simple!  You only need ten traditional Chinese ingredients to be the star of any family gathering or potluck!

We learned in the previous food post about the “Top Ten Chinese Food to Try.”  Now we will learn what it takes to cook almost all of those dishes.  Your newly discovered cooking ability will be the talk of all your friends and family.  Let’s get started!

10. Lao Gan Ma


老干妈 (lǎo gān mā) is perhaps the most interesting on this list of Chinese ingredients.  Of the ten, it is the only man-made one.  However, this sauce has become so popular that restaurants now serve dishes like “Chicken Lao Gan Ma Noodles.”  Anymore, most families will have this in their pantry, and so should you!

There are multiple flavors, but their bean chili pepper is the most common.  It mostly consists of chili oil, dried chili peppers, and black beans.  It also contains some special seasons that make Lao Gan Ma so addicting!

To read the other nine, go to China IQ’s new website:

Ten Best Chinese Ingredients: Traditional Chinese 

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