Do’s and Dont’s to Make Your China Trip Better | 2


1. Don’t Over-pack

Especially if your trip to China is short, there is no need to pack much more than clothes and some necessary personal effects.  Shelves of Chinese markets are full of recognizable and trustworthy western brands, including Pantene, Colgate, Nike, Kellogg’s, and Nestle.

Instead of packing extra socks and large-sized tubes of toothpaste, save yourself some back-ache later by purchasing these items as needed while traveling in China.  If possible, just take one backpack.  The transportation hubs that you will be frequenting are extremely crowded.  The fewer the baggage, the less the hassle of pushing through these huge crowds.

2. Do Prepare for the Two P’s

That’s staggering Population and appalling Pollution.  Travelers and expats in China often let these two P’s get in their way of enjoying their vacation or work experience.  At all costs, don’t let yourself be defeated by the mental pitfall of these two problems in China.  China is a developing country and is nowhere near the living standard level as any western country!

There are many ways that one can get ready for these two societal problems of China.  Firstly, be open-minded.  Understand that these issues have developed out of circumstances that the average Chinese person has no control over, so avoid blaming anything on the commoners that you come across on your journey.  Secondly, do some research and watch videos.  Get an insight at to what it will feel like before plunging into this vastly different society.  

To read the rest, go to China IQ’s new location: My China IQ

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